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Church Road from the Green

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church road chrishall from the green

This postcard, of a similar age to the earlier picture of The Green, shows Church Road with the Pigg / Rush garage on the left.  You can also see Ede Negus’s slate roofed cottage on the far left of the picture.  This cottage has been replaced with a modern house but Ede is remembered in the name of the new house, which is part of a group of modern houses called Loveday Close.

Many years ago Ede’s cottage was where the overseers of the poor would meet to give out perhaps a penny or two or a loaf of bread to those who were unable to work.  You can read more about this in our lovely collection of Church Magazines that we hold in the Archive.  (If you can’t wait until next Easter when we open again, you can always request a visit in the mean time!)


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