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Dormers cottage

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Dormers cottage which sits at the top of Crawley End, on what used to be known as Petts Corner, has seen many changes in it’s time.  The view above was probably taken as recently as the 1960s when it still appears to have been two cottages.   Note the sideways sliding “Yorkshire” sash windows and the fact that the cottages face east. The tree looks like a pear tree.  Note the mis-spelling of Chrishall with the first ‘h’ missed out!


In this photograph which was probably taken around the same time you can see Crawley End before the council houses were built.

One of the previous occupants of Dormers was Sid Sutton. He moved to Heydon after a few years and was then posted to Duxford in WWII, where he became a driver for Douglas Bader.

And below is a photograph taken in the 1980s.

dormers, chrishall essex


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