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A rare postcard of Phoenix Cottage from 1911

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Phoenix cottage days 1916

This lovely postcard, recently acquired, shows Phoenix Cottage, Crawley End.  The post date on the card is September 1916 but I wonder if the picture was actually taken in 1911 as there are several other photographs in a similar style of the village from this time (see Wire Farm, Martinholme and Saffron Cottage).

I am fairly sure that the Days lived at this cottage at this time and in the 1911 census we have the following entry:

Crawley End (5 rooms): John and Elizabeth Day, both 56, son Edward Day, 21, and grandson William Day aged 7.  John was a farm labourer and Edward (known as Ted) was a builder and general labourer.  So do we have here William by the gate, Ted holding the horse and John by the house gate?  I would love to know for sure!

The sender of the card would seem to have been staying in the village and wasn’t overly impressed:

Dear Cis

Just a card to let you know we have not quite forgtten you. We are having nice weather here but not very much to see though.  Hope you are well

Love from Ruth


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