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Saffron Cottage, Church Road

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church road with mr salmonSaffron Cottage, Church Road.

Wonderfully we know who the people are in the picture.  The date on the bottom of the picture appears to be 1911 and the people are

“Grandmother” [1. Description provided by Joan Clarke/Rose/Mumby’s sister] Emily Brooks and Mrs Carrie Miller, neighbour.

Albert Salmon – “oil man” from Saffron Walden with horse and cart”.

Now the only trouble is I’m not sure which was which but if we take it that we are working left to right, then we are looking at Mrs Brooks and then Mrs Miller standing on her left.

According to the 1911 census Emily was married to Luke and thus would have been 63 at the time of this photograph.  Mrs Miller is listed on the census as Eliza Caroline Miller (so it’s lovely to know that she was obviously known as Carrie in the village).  She was married to Cornelius Breens Miller and was 52 at the time of the picture.

You can see another picture of Saffron Cottage here.

We have another copy of this picture which is slightly more yellowed with age but means I have been able to scan it in at a greater resolution.  So clicking the picture below will bring a large copy up for you.

church road with mr salmon



D: 1910 C: 20th century


  1. Angela Phillips

    Emily Brooks was previously married to Jabez Banks in Haverstock Hill in St Pancras London. Emily was widowed in 1876 , Jabez was killed on the railways….and Emily remarried to Luke Brooks of Chrishall.
    Emily would have been my 2x Gt Grandmother.

    • Samantha Sheeran

      Carrie would have been my 2x Great Grandmother. This is brilliant to see.

      • Rosemarie Gant

        I’m glad you found us Samantha 🙂

  2. Keith miller

    Eliza Miller(Carrie) is my great grand mother,her son Albert was my grandfather and my father Norman was born here and went to school in chrishall with Irene Cranwell as his school teacher,lovely to see this,thankyou very much

    • Rosemarie Gant

      They are lovely memories Keith – thank you for those. You know we have some video on here of Irene Cranwell talking about our old museum? A virtual tour of the old museum


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