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Saffron Cottage

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chrishall church road saffrons

This is a view of Church Road in Chrishall looking towards the centre of the village. On the left hand side is the cottage named Saffron which was inhabited at the time by Luke and Emily Brooks (pictured right) and Carrie and Cornelius Miller.  Unfortunately I do not have the original of this photograph so cannot offer any higher resolution view.

However, you can see another picture of Saffron Cottage here which appears to have been taken around the same time judging by the topiary, although perhaps in a different season since the trees seem to be in full leaf in this picture.  And on that page you will be able to see Mrs Miller and Mrs Brooks standing by the gate with Mr Salmon the oil man and his horse and cart just coming down Church Road.

(With many thanks to Angela Phillips for the photograph of Luke and Emily Brooks.)

Click on the image below for a larger version of the picture of Luke and Emily Brooks.

luke and emily brooks saffron cottage chrishall



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