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Church Cottage 1930

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Sylvia Rich writes: Eli & Ada Rumsey (nee Drury) would have been living here with daughter Vi. Eli died in 1955, aged 82 and I believe Vi continued living there until her death in 1976, aged 71.

You can see a picture of Eli Rumsey in the wedding photo below.


Drury Wedding 1909


D: 1930 C: 20th Century


  1. Anthony Rumsey

    Very interesting site. If I may I can expand on one item. Violet moved to Peterborough before she died , but I am not sure when. I am Eli’s Grandson and lived at the Cottage during WW2.
    Anthony ( Tony ) Rumsey.

    • Rosemarie Gant

      Thank you very much for that. If you have any stories of the village from that time we would love to hear them!


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