On Saturday 7th August 1909 the double wedding of two Drury sisters, Mary and Fanny,
took place at Chrishall Parish Church.

Mary, 25, married Albert Cranwell, 26, who was an Engine Driver from the village.
Fanny, 36, married Alfred Ernest Walker, 32, a Baker from Forest Gate.

drury wedding chrishallTop Row:

Maggie Pitches, Ginny Cranwell, Frank Drury, Arthur Drury, Albert Cranwell, Alfred Walker, William Drury, Elijah Rumsey, Albert Drury.

Middle Row:

Daisy Cranwell, Emma Cranwell, Dinah Drury, Mary Drury, Fanny Drury, Ann Green (Grannie Drury), Ada Rumsey and baby Jack, Grace Drury* and baby Doris

Bottom Row:

Harry Cranwell, Daisy Rumsey, Violet Rumsey, Hilda Cranwell, May Cranwell, Claude Cranwell, Alfred Drury.

(See Grace in her later years here.)

stephen drury chrishall

Stephen Drury, Chrishall.

I would love to know what Emma Cranwell and Dinah Drury are looking at.  Something is certainly distracting their attention from the camera! Perhaps it is Stephen Drury, husband of Ann and father of Mary and Fanny.  He doesn’t put in an appearance on the photograph although he is listed on the wedding register.  He was a woodman.  According to the Chrishall Scrapbook, he was the founder of the Drury family in Chrishall when he moved here from Berden in 1876. However it seems that it might actually have been his father who brought the Drury’s to Chrishall.  In the 1841 census there is an entry for the Drury family living at 1 Building End with father Daniel, 43 and mother Mary also 43, and children Jonas (14), Eliza (9), Thomas (6) and Stephen (2).  Stephen’s birth place is given as Abington, Cambridgeshire so it looks like they were fairly recently moved in. On the 1871 census it is noted that Mary was blind.

According to my book of Agricultural Records 1909 was a stormy summer.  June was showery with some heavy thunderstorms, July stormy and rather cool but the first fortnight of August was fine and bright before a wet end to the month.  So it looks like they chose the wedding date well.

Further research

This article was prompted in part by a request for a photograph of Alfred Drury.  Further research has uncovered the following but of course if you have anything to add we would be pleased to hear from you either in the comments below or by contacting us.

In the 1881 and 1891 census returns we can find Mary and Fanny at home with the family in Building End where they were both born and brought up.  Ultimately there were to be eight children brought up at Building End.

1901 census

The 1901 census finds Alfred Walker working as a baker and living in High Street, Tottenham.  He was living with five other servants and the head baker who was working ‘at home’ so they must have lived over the bakery.  I imagine this was partly due to be having to be up baking the bread either over night or in the early hours of the morning.

Albert Cranwell was a general labourer living at home in Building End.

Both girls were working away.  Fanny was working as a cook in Royston for the family of an artist (a painter or possibly sculptor).  Mary was a general domestic servant at Devonshire Lodge in Woodford, London.  I wonder if Mary introduced Fanny to Alfred??

1911 census and 1939 records

You won’t find either Mary or Fanny on the 1911 census for Chrishall as it appears they both moved away after their marriages.  Mary and Albert didn’t go too far as the 1911 finds them at Elmdon with son Frank who was 11 months.  Albert was a gardener, a change of profession from ‘engine driver’ that he put on his marriage certificate.  By 1939 they were back in Chrishall and living at Broad Green.

Fanny moved to London with her beau Alfred and 1911 finds them in Walthamstow with Alfred working in a hotel.

I hope he was still baking.

With thanks as always to Bruce Drury for the photograph.

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