Laying of the foundation stone to the school room which was an extension to the Chapel and is now the village hall.  This photograph was taken in front of the cottages that stood to the left of the chapel and can be seen here.

Far left, Eric Mancer, Mrs Langford (9th from left, front row, with spectacles) and behind her, partially hidden is Joe Haggar; Mrs Pitches (7th from right); Joy Grice (nee Miller, 5th from right); Rev Sharman (4th from right); Charlie Dyer (2nd from right) Les Rogers (far right).

Adrian Dyer added the following information in June 2005: “Front row, second on the right is Charlie Dyer, a lay preacher and my grandfather. I guess that the photo was taken in the 1950’s when Charlie would have been living in Newport. He grew up in Arkesden and later retired there too. Father remembers the man standing first right, front row, but unfortunately not his name! Behind Charlie, second right in the back row is the Rev. George Sharman. My mother says he was Methodist minister at Saffron Walden and later at Haverhill. Second on the left, standing as in the middle row of three is Frank Flack.

I would love to know names for any of the other people present. I am very interested in the history of Methodism in the area as I am not sure how far back before Charlie my family’s association with it goes.”

If you have any more information to add then please do comment below.

Update November 2016:

We think the people are standing in front of the old cottage that was pulled down to the left of the chapel as you look at it today.  He knew several more names.  Because people are not standing in any particular order I hope they will forgive me the indignity of numbering them to try and sort out names!

chapel chrishall

With the notes from above and from Bryan we would seem to have the following:

  1. Eric Manser
  2. Frank Flack, from Saffron Walden
  3. unknown
  4. Mr. Lumley – a local preacher, and possibly Circuit Steward, from Bishops Stortford
  5. unknown
  6. Rev. Richardson, who succeeded Rev. Lovering Picken as Superintendent Minister at Bishops Stortford Circuit
  7. Joe Hagger
  8. unknown
  9. Wilf Miller
  10. Mrs Daisy Pitches
  11. Rev Sharman
  12. Jack Green
  13. Les Rogers
  14. Charlie Dyer
  15. Joy Grice (nee Miller)
  16. George Rogers
  17. Cliff Baker
  18. Mrs Langford
  19. Mr Newton-Flu, Chairman of the Methodist District
  20. Mrs. Harold, a trustee, who lived at Kemps in the High Street.