This lovely photograph has written on the back “Stan Loveday as a baby” and “Small boy Walter Loveday”.  Checking on the 1901 census it looks like this could be the Loveday family of High Street.  In 1901 William was 34 and a horsekeeper on a farm, and his wife Esther was 30.  They had Walter who was aged 4.  On the 1911 census they also had Stanley who was 5 so he would have been born around 1907.  Walter was 14 on this census.  Therefore, if I do have the correct family, Walter would have been around 6 or 7 years old on this photograph of his family with his baby brother Stanley.

And again we could have a photograph of Stan in his later years but we are not sure.  Someone has identified Stan Loveday on this photograph of digging the ditch by the chapel.  We have not got to the bottom (forgive the pun) of this ditch digging either as yet so mysteries all round.

The Lovedays did live next door to the Ives in High Street so although the cottages were not named at that time, it does seem likely that they lived in the left hand side of what is now known as Loveday Cottage.

I have uploaded both sides of this photograph as the back is almost as attractive as the front!  On a quick web search nothing has come up for John Bishop, Art Photographer, so I don’t know where he was based.

If anyone can add more to this story do let us know in the comments below or by getting in touch. (Click on the images below to see an enlarged, clearer picture.)