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The boy with the birds

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Chrishall Archive Group (CAG) | 0 comments

boy with birds heydon or duddenhoe end

The boy with the birds continues to fascinate

Just over a year ago I wrote about a picture of the boy with the birds.  This was around the time when we found the photographs that turned out to be (we think) the Mallow family from Hamlet House, Pond Street near Duddenhoe End.  The Mallows family pictures were on glass slides and I subsequently found prints of a few of the photographs in a different collection.  In that print collection was the picture of ‘the boy with the birds’ but with no identifying information there is no telling whether he had any connection with the Mallows family or not.

Now, fascinatingly, another picture of the boy with the birds has turned up, this time from a collection of photographs of someone living in Royston who was related to the Drury family.

You can see it was two photographs taken at the same time.  The birds have moved slightly.  In the first picture you can see the eye of the white bird and in the second it has turned round slightly, as has the other bird.

As well as the little boy there are two prints in similar frames that could perhaps be the rest of his family. But frustratingly still no information that might identify who they are.  If you know, do please let us know.  All the pictures are shown below and will enlarge if you click on them.


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