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Thomas Green

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Thomas Green was a farm labourer living with his parents, Charles and Naomi Green and his younger brother Ernest. We think the Green family were living in one of the cottages that was originally on the left hand side of the chapel (now the village hall). There were eight families with the surname Green in Chrishall in 1911.

Thomas was posted as Missing in Action on 16th September 1916 and later presumed killed. He was a Private with the Suffolk Regiment. His body was never found. He was aged 32 when he died.

Chrishall Chapel year unknown

We don’t have a good photograph of the Chapel Cottages. However you can see the back of them to the left of this photograph. We do have a painting of the cottages though done by George Cranwell which you can see here.

george cranwell first world war chrishallChrishall at War

The story of Chrishall through World War I told using local sources such as the church newsletters. Details of those who served and returned and those who were lost to the village.

Download a copy here. (PDF document: 8MB)


  1. Charles M Joint

    Wonder why he Joined the Suffolk Regt and not his county Regt?

    • Rosemarie Gant

      Yes I wondered that. I’m not sure. I don’t know too much about these things. Did you get to choose? Was it because of family connections? Does anyone know? 🙂


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