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George Cranwell

by | Nov 1, 2017 | Village Folk | 4 comments

Chrishall Chapel by George Cranwell
Oswald and Ann Cranwell with daughter Ivy (standing to the right)

Oswald and Ann Cranwell with daughter Ivy (standing to the right)

The painting above of Chrishall Chapel was done in 1915 by George Cranwell.  George was the youngest son of Oswald and Ann Cranwell who lived at what is now Ramblers, Crawley End, Chrishall.

Oswald and Ann had seven children, six boys and one girl: Charles, Walter, Frederick, John, Ralph, George and Ivy.

George was born in 1895 so he would have been 20 at the time of doing this painting.  However this might well have been painted during a break from Army duty as sadly he was killed just a year later in October 1916.

It is interesting to see the house to the left of the Chapel obviously inhabited at this time with some homely smoke coming from the chimney.  Also the grass bank that ran all the way along in front of Chapel Cottage. The photograph of the chapel that you can see here is obviously slighly earlier.  There appears to be an extra shed or outbuilding on the end of the house to the left and the Chapel was obviously rendered over the brick front at some point.  But I’m pleased to see Chapel Cottage obviously maintained their smart hedge for some years.  Seeing George’s painting of the scene in such vivid colour really brings it all to life though.  I wonder if he did any other paintings?


George Cranwell in uniform

George Cranwell in uniform

george cranwell first world war chrishall

See also Chrishall War Memorial page and an extensive document on those who appear on the War Memorial on the Chrishall Parish Council website.

[With grateful thanks to Cherry Gilbert for allowing us copies of the pictures of Oswald, Ann and Ivy, the lovely painting  and for the photo of George in uniform.]


  1. Susanne Skinner nee Cranwell

    George Cranwell was my first cousin twice removed. My grandfather Cecil John Cranwell’s cousin. I love George’s painting. Is there any way I can buy a print of it? Did he paint any more?
    I also love reading through the Chrishall archive

    • Rosemarie Gant

      Hi Susanne – good to hear from you. George was my great uncle so we must be related somewhere along the line! I don’t know of any more paintings by George but he was obviously fairly good so you never know, more might turn up. The painting is framed and privately owned but I can let you have a copy of the photograph if you like.

      I’m glad you like the archive – please let us know if you come across anything Chrishall related. I guess you are related to Sidney or Hedley?

      Best wishes,

      • Susanne Skinner

        Dear Rosemarie
        I have only just received your message! Today it turned up in my inbox. You answered my message very quickly so I am very sorry that it has taken such an Age for you to receive a response from me.
        I really am delighted that you have been in touch. I do see a family resemblance in your photo!
        I am sorry I haven’t come across Sidney or Hedley in my research.
        There were so many Cranwell in Chrishall weren’t there? I know my grandfather’s (Cecil John) grandfather was a certain William Cranwell of Builden End in Chrishall. ( Yew Cottage?) We have looked on our family tree and sadly I do not know how we are related. Maybe you are descended from one of Williams many children? Do you have a family tree? You are very welcome to look at ours.
        I live in Somerset but will I hope come to Chrishall – it will probably be in the autumn now to visit the archive.
        I would absolutely love a copy of George’s painting. Do tell me how we can go about doing this.
        Best wishes from your relation(!)
        Susanne Skinner

  2. Rosemarie Gant

    Hi Cousin 🙂 . Lovely to hear from you. Yes I am related to one of William’s children – William was my 3 x great grandfather. Have you seen William’s picture and Yew Tree Cottage here: ? We have a much better picture of William in the Archive which I can show you if you are coming up. Do let me know when you are coming – I will email you separately. Best wishes, R.


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