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Traction Engines: Arthur Cane

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These photos were taken on the 1st May 1928.

Arthur Cane (born 1904?) worked for Drage & Kent of Chrishall working with the steam plough teams. Two engines, one at each end of the field would pull the plough by a cable turned by an horizontal cable drum under the boiler.

For those interested in these things, the engine was built by John Fowler of Leeds

A photo of Arthur Cane as a young man at his sister’s wedding can be seen here and with his wife and son when they lived at Barleymans in the centre of the village.



arthur cane drage and kent

This picture is believed to show the young Arthur Cane driving.  It seems that the engines were organised in sets – here is the description from Kevin Swann (George Swann’s son) who kindly gave permission for us to reproduce this picture:

“I heard dad talk of Arthur Cane who was with Drage’s No 3 set Fowler PE  works No’s 14714 & 14715 Registration No’s NO 453 & NO 454 25/09/1918 New to Henry T. Drage (later Drage & Kent Ltd), Chrishall, Essex.  I believe the (above) shows Arthur driving, it would seem he always took pride in his dress code always wearing a collar and tie for work.”

Click on the photo to see an enlarged version.

See more on Drage and Kent.


D: 1920 C: 20th Century


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