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Village Centre Signpost

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Village Centre | 2 comments


Barleymans is the cottage in the background in the upper photo (lent by John Cane). The rot at the base of the signpost in both photos suggests they are of the same date which, judging by the new appearance of the war memorial in the lower photo (lent by Bruce Drury), is probably early 1920s. The signpost is of interest for the style of its lettering and for the spelling of “Foulmir” (see picture below).
Note that the road to Langley would be down the High Street[1. Editor’s note: the sign does indeed say ‘To Langley by Bilden End’], out to Bilden End and then along Common Lane to Kilhams Green Farm. This is now just a trackway albeit well maintained.



  1. brenda holman

    Thank you Rosemary Gant for the wonderful information on Chrishall.I have been researching my Andrews family from Essex and believe I have found them. I am writing from Australia. I am so very grateful that you published the 1841 and 1851 was exactly what I needed. You see, my ancestor Maria Andrews appears in the 1841 census as a 13 year old living at Chrishall Grange with her family and in 1851 they are not there. That would be because in 1858 they immigrated to Australia and the rest is Australian history. I would love to know more British history on this family if you or your readers have any further information.
    Thank you once again

    • Rosemarie Gant

      Hello Brenda

      That’s great that you have managed to find them. If they emigrated in 1858 I wonder where they were on the 1851 census? Perhaps others will be able to help.



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