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Mapletons Chrishall

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MAPLETONS, chrishall

Mapletons is a thatched cottage set back from the road of Crawley End on the right hand side when heading north of the village. Unusally for the village this cottage faces west.  Most of the old cottages faced south to catch the sun but Mapletons is next to a small copse of trees so perhaps the westerly direction was felt to be better.

Originally two cottages it was converted into one by Walter and Dorothy Brand in the 1970s for their retirement home.  Tubal and Lil Flack lived for many years in the right hand cottage and you can read about that here.  Alf and Jess Ives lived in the left hand cottage.

The more modern picture above was taken by Pam Wyatt in the 1980s.  I would love to know who the two ladies are in the picture below.  If you have any clues do let us know.


Below: Alfred and Jessie Ives who lived in the left hand cottage of what is now Mapletons and Tubel Flack who lived with wife Lil in the right hand cottage.




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